The design and construction of a custom home can be the experience of a lifetime. To watch your ideas and dreams become reality can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, the process can also become a nightmare when handled improperly. The unique team at L & H Construction, Inc. has been making dreams come true since 1984. We’ve listed the most common questions to help you understand what is involved.

    Who Should Consider Having a “Custom Home” Designed and Built?
    • Individuals that can't find a house design that meets all of the specific needs associated with their unique lifestyle
    • People that own, or are interested in, a home site that requires special design considerations due to: topography, trees, views, etc.
    • Buyers or owners that desire assistance from a professional architect who listens and offers to help clients determine their own special home needs. The end result is the design and construction of a "one of a kind" home which artistically meets those needs.
    How Does the Process Work?

    The process starts by setting up an appointment with Ron Higgins, L & H's in-house architect. At the initial meeting, Mr. Higgins will review the four basic steps which are:

    • The Preliminary Plan Agreement
    • The Construction Contract or Homes Sales Contract
    • The Permit Phase
    • The Construction Phase

    (During the 'Preliminary Plan Agreement' phase, L & H will discuss the specifics of your housing needs, site requirements, budget, etc. A series of design meetings will take place with the end result providing in:

    • Preliminary Floor Plans, Site Plan, and Front Exterior Elevation
    • A Description of Materials and Schedule of Allowances
    • A Construction Contract Amount

    In essence, at the culmination of the 'Preliminary Plan Agreement' phase, you will know how much it will cost to build your custom home with the materials and allowances discussed.)

    What are the Costs Involved?

    The cost for the 'Preliminary Plan Agreement' phase is based on the size of your proposed home. The typical fee is $1.00 per square foot (but may be higher if you require modifications which result in additional design time). Upon completion of the Preliminary Plan phase, each owner has two options:

    • Continue forward with L & H: Obviously it is our desire for each client to continue working with L & H. This is accomplished by signing a Construction Contract (if you own your own lot) or a Home Sales Contract (if you are purchasing a home within an L & H community).
      • NOTE: The Preliminary Plan Agreement fee is credited toward the contract amount for clients that continue working with L & H. In essence, the design fee is included in the cost of the home and does not cost the client anything! We consider it to be part of the service provided by L & H.)
    • Continue forward on your own: For clients that have their own builder, all work completed during the Preliminary Plan phase is given to the client for their future use.
    How Long Before We Can Move In?

    That is a difficult question to answer (due to the variables involved.) Typically the process goes as follows:

    • The Preliminary Plan Phase: 30-60 Days
      • This varies depending on L & H's work load, the number of design sketches required, availability of clients to attend design review meetings, etc.
    • The Construction Contract or Homes Sales Contract: 1 - 2 Weeks
    • The Permit Phase: 75 Days
      • (It typically takes L & H 15 days to complete the 'Construction Drawings'. The plans are then sent to various consultants to provide structural engineering calculations, Title 24 Analysis, truss drawings, etc. This process usually takes 30 days. Next we submit the entire packet to the Building Department for plan check which also takes approximately 30 days, depending on the work load)
    • The Construction Phase: 4 - 6 Months.
      • The Construction of your home depends on the size and complexity of the residence, our current construction schedule, and the weather. L & H has developed a reputation for delivering quality homes on time.

    As you can see, the entire process can take at least 8 to 10 months.

    What Makes L & H Construction, Inc. Unique in the “Custom Home Building” Market?

    The answer is simple. With L & H Construction Inc., clients have access to both a licensed architect and licensed contractor under one roof.

    When a client has a question regarding the cost of implementing a design option or material selection change, the option is immediately available. This convenience can save significant time and money over the traditional custom home process in which plans are completed by a home designer prior to a contractor providing a cost estimate to construct the residence. If the project comes in over budget, it is back to the drawing boards which results in a loss of time and money. Working with the design and build team of L & H, these frustrations can be avoided.

    At L & H, the Design Phase is coordinated by Ron Higgins, a talented architect with a graduate degree in Architecture from Harvard University. Mr. Higgins also assists clients with color selections throughout the home. Helping with the coordination of carpet, tile, paint colors, and other materials is all part of the personal service included with an L & H custom home.

    Jim Luse is the guiding force during the construction process. Mr Luse brings over 45 years of building experience to the team and works hard with each client to turn their dreams into reality.


    Years of working together allows your architect designed dream home to be built for the original price quoted, not tens of thousands of dollars more. L & H's reputation speaks for itself.