About us


    L & H Construction, Inc. is a privately held California corporation specializing in real estate development and construction. The combination of “in-house architectural services” with hands-on construction expertise allows L & H Construction, Inc. to offer a unique building team. This winning combination was officially formed in 1984, but its roots date back to 1956. Jim and Ron grew up two houses apart and have been best friends since they were 2 years old.

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    Since 1984, L & H has developed upwards of 35 subdivisions and 400 homes in: Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Folsom, and Sacramento. In addition, the company has built homes and commercial property worth over a total value in excess of $100 Million.

    L & H has carefully built a reputation based on biblical business principles. It is the company’s conviction that these principles are timeless and should not be compromised to accommodate growth or profit.

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    Ron Higgins is the president of L & H Construction, Inc. Mr. Higgins received his Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University in 1980 and has been a licensed architect in California since 1983.

    Ron Higgins

    Jim Luse is a licensed general contractor and has been involved in the construction industry for over 45 years. Prior to starting L & H, Mr. Luse was the Construction and Warranty Superintendent for the Sacramento office of Pacific Scene, Inc., previously one of the nation's largest home builders.

    Jim Luse

    Vice President
    Gordon is our draftsman and has been with L & H for over 20 years. He takes the concepts our clients develop with Ron, and renditions them into a doable home using CAD software. He also obtains¬†all necessary bids and permits required by L & H.  

    Gordon Malm

    Design Technician
    Beth was the first Office Manager L & H ever hired. She recently rejoined our team (after about 20 years) and we're glad to have her back!

    Beth Croteau

    Office Manager